Introducing Myx

Natural Custom Beverages

Your Drink. Your Way.


natural custom beverages

are the future of healthy, sustainable waters, teas and fruit beverages. A varied selection of all natural ingredients and flavors provide millions of refreshing possibilities – for you, by you.

only real ingredients

All natural fruits, teas, sweeteners and supplements provide the perfect palette to make your ultimate beverage.

so easy to use

Simply choose your drink category, then mix and match over 18 awesome flavors and ingredients. Push to pour.

enjoy farm-fresh flavor at the touch of a button

Avoid the Landfill an eco-friendly choice

your bottle/no waste

Americans used about 50 billion plastic water bottles last year …and thats just water. Why conform to bad habits when you can have your drink, your way… in your bottle.

Learn more about  whats happening in the world of sustainability here

bottles of beverages are consumed per person annually in the U. S.


of those bottles are recycled