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Lost Password

We can send you a link to reset your password, just click trouble accessing my account

How to create an account

MyMix Beverage Systems are in a limited number of locations at this time. We are only allowing those people who have a system avialble to them to sign up.

If you have a MyMix System then their are two(2) methods of signing up.
  1. Swipe your credit card at any MyMix Beverage System and enter your email on the screen.
  2. Click here to create an account online.

Whats In The Beverages

Nothing artifical, and no perservatives. All ingredients are natural fruit and plant extracts. Our sweeteners are a blend of natural cane sugar and monk fruit. Lo-Cal uses more monk fruit to deliver fewer calories.

I do/don't want email receipts

You change this setting by logging into your account clicking 'edit account' and then checking or unchecking 'Email Me Receipt'
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Why does MyMix ask for an email address?

This is how we can provide you with a receipt and allow you to view your drink history as well as make and track your favorites.
You may have to enter your email more than once if.
  1. The credit card has never been used at one of the MyMix Systems
  2. The card is linked to an account, but it has not been verified with the account. To verify click on the link we sent you or log into your account and click on 'My Cards', we do this incase an email was entered incorrectly the first time around.

Can I use Mutliple Credit Cards?

You bet you can, you can have as many or as few cards linked to your account as you want. Just enter the same email when promted after you swipe your card at the MyMix Beverage System.

You can use Visa, Matercard, Discover, and American Express