My Drink. My Way.

Create Your Custom Drink with the Touch of a Button.
The MyMix Kiosk lets you make a Custom drink from scratch (4 easy steps outlined below) , pick from an assortment of Popular Drinks, or choose one of your previous Favorites. You pick the size and type of drink you want and then customize with additional flavors, an assortment of sweeteners and optional shots (energy available now). Have fun !

How To Make Your Drink

Step 1.
Pick a Size 8-24 Ounces
Choose from 5 sizes 8-24 Ounces, view displayed price then select the "next" bubble.
The bottle on the right will remind you what choices you have made.

Step 2.
Choose a Base Flavor?
Choose one base flavor, this will the main flavor of you beverage.
You can add additional flavors in the next step. You will be navigated to the next screen on selection or you can click the "next" bubble.

Step 3.
Add More Flavors
Add up to 2 optional additional flavors on the left and adjust the strength of each on the right.
. Adjust the strength of each flavor if you wish.
Then press next.

Step 4.
Choose a Water Type, Sweetener and Optional Shots
Choose your sparkling or flat then, sweetener, level of sweetener and Add an optional supplement shot or two. Then select Next.

Step 5.
Review Your Drink
You can review your completed drink and view the nutritionals in the right hand panel. Want the change, no problem, just click the tabs on the top.

Step 6.
Pour Your Drink
Review your payment options, place your bottle under the pour spout and select pour.